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It's amazing to me that when you google Brent Ivie how many bad comments there are about him. I knew Brent back when he owned Ivie Electric about 30-35 years ago. His work as an electrician was very poor as well. Always cutting corners going cheap and always trying to make an extra buck at the expense of the home owner. He finally went out of business after renaming his company several times and being sued several times. I would recommend you... Read more

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Dragonfly Solutions is run by Jacqueline Zielenski and Brent Ivie. A lot of astute business people were fooled by these two people who misled a lot of people over 21 months, including a lot of school districts. Celestine4ever at yahoo dot com represents a group of people who will gladly give you phone numbers and tell you of their personal experience of working with Dragonfly Solutions. The only reason we hung on so long was several of us... Read more

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Beware of Brent L ivie and the new scam called dragonfly solutions. Report Brent L ivie to the FBI and FTC with your complaints to finally put this fuy in jail. Brent Ivie is selling fake energy certificates that cannot be resold for anything. Brent l ivie is a professional scam artist. If you have any information to help with the FTC investigation please file a report to www.ftc.gov. You can also contact you local FBI office and file your... Read more

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The newest SCAM by Brent is called http://www.dragonflysolutions.co He has rebranded perpetual green is claiming to be a cleantech company. Jackie is his new sidekick on this SCAM. Scary how many people Brent Ivie has frauded and sadly will continue to fraud. Do NOT give any $ to this company! Don’t do business with Douglas Stuart of Sandy UT either. Crooks, liars, and some of the worse businessmen I have ever known. Please report Brent Ivie to... Read more

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